3 week diet review| Good or bad weight loss product?

3 week diet review| Good or bad weight loss product?

The 3 week diet program has 3 goals:

  1. Help you lose fat
  2. Give you more energy
  3. Be more healthy

What is the 3 week diet program?

  1. It consists of 4 ebooks. The first is about education, the second is about the 3 week diet protocols explained step by step, the third is about resistance training & Mindset and the fourth is a motivationnal book.
  2. It is structured for a 21 day period and it’s easy to follow. It is subdivised in 4 cycles that are well structured and progressive where you learn what to eat and in what time zone.
  3. Brian tells you exactly what you have to do to loose your weight effectively with food, hydration and exercising.
  4. You can eat whatever you want as long as you respect the categories of food and your metabolism rate. Which you’ll learn how to calculate easily in those books.
  5. You don’t need to buy specific products to do the 3 week diet because he explains how you can get those specific nutrients through food.
  6. The recipes he uses are easy to do.
  7. The physical activity periods are short in duration.

Does the 3 week diet program works?

I follow clients and one of the concepts explained in this ressource helped one of my client who was on a plateau to lose 7 pounds in 2 weeks. I usually don’t recommend a lot of diets but I’m comfortable to recommend this one because it brings great results in a healthy way.

If you want to know more about the product, go to the 3 week diet website!

Amazing results but…

If you feel great after the 3 week diet program, then it’s perfect.When the 3 week diet will be over, you will have lost a lot of fat! It’s great and you will look great but you might or might not encounter a small challenge.

With the results, you may feel a lack of energy at the end of the process. At first, you might think that it’s because you don’t eat enough even if you didn’t have those problems earlier in the 3 week diet process when you were bigger and more fat and thus that you needed more calories…

Most of the time, the problem comes from the fact that some people lose a lot of fat in a very short period of time. What’s the problem with that you might ask? The answer is that fat stores toxicity.

This toxicity might have an effect on your energy level because when fat cells “melt” they release free fatty acids but also toxicity in the bloodstream. This taxes the detox organs and thus the energy level might lower.

This is most likely to happen if you lost a lot of fat. If this is what happens to you, I highly suggest Dr. Deanna Minich’s whole detox program which will also adress other very important aspects of your life to maintain your great results.

Wishing you the best in your weight loss and better health process.

Mary Samson


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